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Hi my name is Oli and I live in the north of England. I have been learning Malayalam for the last 4 years - my girlfriend was born in Kerala and is fluent in the language. This has inspired me to learn the Malayalam language, so I can speak to the locals in Kerala and also to my girlfirends' family.

I have spent quite a lot of time and money on the internet looking for ways to help me learn.

How can I get some money?

I began to look online. I needed to find a way to make money that would allow me to work when I wanted to work but would also bring in some income. I tried get-rich-quick schemes and went to "Invest in Property" and Shares seminars. I tried mystery shopping, wholesale directories, selling ties on ebay, everything I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, none of it worked as well as hoped, but at least I was learning :)

One day, I was reading reviews online and ran across something quite interesting.... It greatly interested me. I could:

  • Work whenever I had time
  • Work from home
  • Earn substantial income

and best of all...

  • I could work doing what I love!

I could build a website based on passion, using an easy program called SBI.

I was not about to jump into this without research though. I had been fooled one too many times, and I had learned. What inspired me was the proof that was offered. I could look at hundreds of other sites that were succeeding using SBI.

The company wasn't trying to fool me into anything. They mention up front it will not get someone rich quick. It will give them long-term income and a solid business, though! I liked the honesty. They know to be honest, because they know it works. They even provided me with all the knowledge I needed in order to compare SBI sites to any other websites. This way, it allowed me to make an informed decision.

It was the passion for Malayalam that brought me an income

And that is what it is all about. Building a site based on passion. I already had lots of knowledge about my passion. It would be easy to write a website about it, and best of all, it would be fun! Work fun? You say 'Yea Right!' Well, it is right, when your work is something you love.

My passion is Malayalam. I love everything about the language and the culture. When I came across SBI I knew it was perfect. I began building this Malayalam site Dec 31, 2008, with no prior knowledge on how to build a website. It is now in the top 1% of all websites and it has only been going less than a year. Is that get-rich-quick? By all means, no. But is it setting me up for a long-term business? It sure is!

And I love every minute of it. I love the freedom I have building a website. I work whenever it suits my schedule. But hey, I work every chance I get :-) I love what I do.

Do you have a passion? I'm sure you do! Everyone has a passion. Everyone knows something about something. Do you feel you couldn't build a long-term business based on it and earn substantial income? Think again! The tools are already provided for you to look it up and see if it would be right for you.

There have been many successful websites based on anything and everything you can think of. Juggling, weddings, vacations, children, ferrets, dogs...It's no secret. Take a look here to see hundreds of these successful sites.

I'm not there yet, it's only been six months. But the income sure is growing, and that is all I was aiming for. If you are interested in turning your passion into extra income look into SBI it is a great platform for anyone to start from.

Any questions or comments are more than welcome - simply use the Contact Us button in the navbar, or use the link


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