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Brahmi is the sanskrit name for the one which provides or increases intelligence.
The term Brahmi is used for 2 plants-

1)Centella asiatica-belongs to Umbelliferae family
2)Bacopa monnieri-belongs to Scrophulariaceae family

Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola)

In Malayalam is called karivana. In tamil is called vaallareekiribrahmi leaf

* Action on CNS- improves memory power[it is said if one takes 2-4 leaves of this plant daily for 41 days his memory power increases 10 fold]
Because of its action on brain it can be indicated in all mental disorders like Alzheimer's disease, insanity, epilepsy etc

* Can be used in starting stages of diabetes

* fresh juice of whole plant can be consumed to increase the quantity of breastmilk also improves its quality

* Provides strength and acts as a rejuvenator

In Kerala, especially Kumily and the Hill Stations where Brahmi grows in abudance, school children are given a small mix of Brahmi to help boost brainpower for their studies... I wonder if this is what makes Kerala have the highest literacy rate of all the states of India :)


Bacopa monierri (Water Hyssop Herb)

In Tamil is called neera brahmabacopa monierri

In English-Indian Pennywortu
* Action on CNS-same as above
also indicated in convulsions

*it relieves edema, pain and effects of poison

* it helps in proper mictuirition

*it promotes ovulation in female and helpful in implantion of zygote

*Paste of leaf or whole plant can be on skin for any skin disorders

Both these plants can be consumed as a whole or only leaves can be consumed{without cooking or boiling}. For medicinal purpose clasical medicines like-Brahmi ghrita etc are available, also patent products containing Brahmi are available in market......
But consuming the plant only other than patent medicine is far far better


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