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If you feel like you would like to make a donation, then you may do so. Learn Malayalam does take money and time to run. With the support of fellow learners, Learn-Malayalam.com can grow and include more options for users, such as forums, 'working' chatrooms, more higher quality pictures, and much, much more.

If you cannot afford to make a donation, that is perfectly ok. You can of course still browse and use the website as you like. However, if you can afford to help make the website better, then you may donate. The amount of a donation is purely up to you. Any and all donations are accepted.

Donations can be given through Paypal. (Any other source would actually cost LearnMalayalam.com money--the opposite of what is needed!)

You can donate by using a Paypal account, or simply donate using a credit card number without having to set up an account.

You never have to sign up for a Paypal account if you do not wish to do so.

Paypal is highly respected for payments online, and will never steal or misuse any information you give them. Paypal is possibly one of the largest websites for this, and can surely be trusted.

Why not give yourself a gift by supporting LearnMalayalam.com, so that it can grow to better suite your language needs :)

Any amount of money for a donation will be accepted. There is no minimum and no maximum. Any and all donations will be greatly appreciated and fully put toward Learn-Malayalam.com :-)
Special Offer! Anyone who makes a donation of $10.00 or more will receive two bonuses. I offer this in return to those of you who help in building Learn-Malayalam.com to be a bigger and better site.

To be sure you receive your free dictionary and are added to a list of people who made a donation in return for freebies from Learn Malayalam, please be sure to include your contact information when you make a donation. Just put your email address in the 'Payment For' box. Thank you :-)



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