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Welcome to Interactive Malayalam Picture Lessons. Here are the 27 possibilities you can make from the sentence constructor.

English English - in Malayalam Order Malayalam
Is he Well? He Well Is? Avan -nu soo-hum AnOh
he Is Well He Well Is Avan -nu soo-hum Anu
he was Well He Well Was Avan -nu soo-hum Ayir-inu
Is he hungry? He Hungry Is? Avan -nu vesha-pu AnOh
he Is hungry He Hungry Is Avan -nu vesha-pu Anu
he was hungry He Hungry Was Avan -nu vesha-pu Ayir-inu
Is he feverish? He Feverish Is? Avan -nu pan-nee AnOh
he Is feverish He Feverish Is Avan -nu pan-nee Anu
he was feverish He Feverish Was Avan -nu pan-nee Ayir-inu
Is She Well? She Well Is? Aval-ku soo-hum AnOh
She Is Well She Well Is Aval-ku soo-hum Anu
She was Well She Well Was Aval-ku soo-hum Ayir-inu
Is She hungry? She Hungry Is? Aval-ku vesha-pu AnOh
She Is hungry She Hungry Is Aval-ku vesha-pu Anu
She was hungry She Hungry Was Aval-ku vesha-pu Ayir-inu
Is She feverish? She Feverish Is? Aval-ku pan-nee AnOh
She Is feverish She Feverish Is Aval-ku pan-nee Anu
She was feverish She Feverish Was Aval-ku pan-nee Ayir-inu
Is Mum Well? Mum Well Is? Amma-ku soo-hum AnOh
Mum Is Well Mum Well Is Amma-ku soo-hum Anu
Mum was Well Mum Well Was Amma-ku soo-hum Ayir-inu
Is Mum hungry? Mum Hungry Is? Amma-ku vesha-pu AnOh
Mum Is hungry Mum Hungry Is Amma-ku vesha-pu Anu
Mum was hungry Mum Hungry Was Amma-ku vesha-pu Ayir-inu
Is Mum feverish? Mum Feverish Is? Amma-ku pan-nee AnOh
Mum Is feverish Mum Feverish Is Amma-ku pan-nee Anu
Mum was feverish Mum Feverish Was Amma-ku pan-nee Ayir-inu


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