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Thrissur Pooram in Kerala


Thrissur pooram elephants.jpgThrissur pooram is the most spectacular festival of Kerala that tourists must experience during their holiday in Kerala.  Introduced by the Maharajah of erstwhile Kochi state Sakthan Thampuram, Trissur Pooram is celebrated in Medam (April-May).  The Thrissur Pooram festival in Kerala parades the fulgent faces of Kerala culture.  With every passing year, ThrissurPooram, the temple festival, attracts large numbers of devotees and spectators to Kerala.
Of the groups displaying their artistic prowess in the Pooram, the prominent are Paramekkavu and Thiruvambadi. When Paremekkavu and Thiruvambadi vie each other for their best performance, the connoisseurs of festivals are blessed with the rare chance to enjoy the art and culture of Kerala.

building all lit up.jpgThese temples organise impressive, awe-inspiring processions starting from Krishna Temple and Devi Temple. On the day before the closing of the pooram the groups enter the Vadakumnatha Temple through the western gate and come out through the southern gate to parade, face to face. Caparisoned elephants and the exchange of parasols are the other virtual feasts to eyes.

thrissur pooram fireworks.jpgThe hours-long dazzling fire works submerge the Thrissur city of Kerala in an ocean of colour. The consummate pyrotechnics exhibited by the two-temple groups paint the Thrissur sky with flamboyant pictures. What unfurls in the dark sky will be a rich tapestry. The marvelous as well as magical effect of the Panchavadyam, a combination of five percussion and wind instruments, is a sight that tourist on vacations in Kerala will cherish for a lifetime. Although this grand festival is known as ThrissurPooram, it is in fact the conclusion of the eight-day Utsavam of nine temples. decorated  elephants.jpg

The commissioning of elephants and parasols is done in the utmost secrecy by each party to excel the other. Commencing in the early hours of the morning, the celebrations last till the break of dawn, the next day.

The hightlights of Thrissur Purram are a pageant of 30 caparisoned elephants assembled in the precincts of the vadakumnathan temple. The nearby paramekavu and thiruvambadi temples are also participants in the festival. Kudamattam (changing of umbralla from hands to hands) Chendamelain ( kind of drums) Panchavadyam ( five typical instruments played) Spectacular fireworks display



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